Creative Writing

At Rosedale, we believe creative writing is also an art. Our programme focuses on investigating, practising, and reflecting on writing through writing activities, reading, projects, workshops, guest speakers, portfolios, and independent study projects.

Rosedale recently hosted the Toronto District School Board’s first slam poetry contest, which was won by one of own poets. At this event, 45 young poets from our junior creative writing program published their poetry in “City of Neighbourhoods”, a Toronto District School Board poetry anthology. Sixty percent of our junior creative writing students were finalists in the TCTE Toronto Council of Teachers of English Short Fiction Contest 2014.

In the past few years the members of the RHSA creative writing club Writer’s Ink distributed their zines at the Can Zine conference. Rosedale’s zines have been favourably reviewed by Broken Pencil.

Our graduating writers apply to creative writing programmes at Concordia University, Western University, the University of Windsor, and York University, and have published graphic novels, short stories, and poetry. One of our recent Rosedale graduates, Rosamund Small, just received two Dora awards for Outstanding Production, and Outstanding New Play for her new Canadian play Vitals. For students with an interest in the art of creative writing, we offer:

  • Canadian Literature and Creative Writing (Grade 10/11)
  • The Writer’s Craft (Grade 12)
  • Studies in Literature (Grade 12/fifth year)
  • Opportunities to write creatively in all grades of English
  • A school newspaper, rDale, published several times a year
  • Lunchtime clubs

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