The math department at Rosedale Heights is always busy and filled with learning.  Our math teachers place an overall emphasis on numeracy and problem solving skills, and work closely with students to help them achieve their best potential. We enter a strong contingent in the Waterloo math contests every year, and aim to prepare students for these tests through after school sessions at the Math Appreciation Club, a centre for homework help and enrichment staffed by Rosedale math teachers and senior students.  Our grade 9 classes work year round on preparing for the provincial EQAO math assessment, and our results are generally very strong.  All of our math teachers work closely with the Special Education department to ensure that IEP accommodations are met, and that opportunities for varied learning are offered.  All in all, we aim to make math approachable, fun and exciting! We offer:

  • MFM1P         Grade 9 Applied
  • MPM1D         Grade 9 Academic
  • MFM2P         Grade 10 Applied
  • MPM2D         Grade 10 Academic
  • MEL3E          Grade 11 Math, Math for Everyday Life
  • MBF3C          Grade 11 math, College Preparation
  • MCF3M         Grade 11 Math, University/College Preparation
  • MCR3U         Grade 11 Math, University Preparation
  • MAP4C          Grade 12 math, College Preparation
  • MDM4U        Grade 12 Math, Data Management
  • MHF4U         Grade 12 Math, Advanced Functions
  • MCV4U         Grade 12 Math, Calculus and Vectors

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