The French programme at Rosedale Heights offers academic and enriched courses. Students in grade 9 can study French at the applied, academic or enriched level. In grade 10 they can study at the academic or enriched level; and in grades 11 and 12 students can study French at the university level. The French department emphasizes the communicative approach and learning French in a fun and creative atmosphere. All French classrooms are equipped with media technology such as the Smart board and technology is regularly integrated into the curriculum. Students also enjoy field trips to French restaurants and live performances by French artists. Students who complete their grade 12 university French credit will graduate with a Certificate du Completion.

Courses Offered at Rosedale:

  • FSF-1D Grade 9 French, Academic
  • FSF-1D3 Grade 9 French, Enriched
  • FSF-1P Grade 9 French, Applied
  • FSF-2D Grade 10 French, Academic
  • FSF-2D3 Grade 10 French, Enriched
  • FSF-3U Grade 11 French, University
  • FSF-4U Grade 12 French, University

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