The English programme at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts fosters reading, writing, critical thinking, media creation/analysis and oral communication skills. The English department at Rosedale delivers an intellectually vigorous program that develops both critical thinking and creative writing while preparing graduates for further study at the university and/or college level. Each English classroom is equipped with media equipment such as the Smart board and technology is well integrated into the English curriculum. Students also benefit from field trips to view live theatre performances, films, and museums, as well as workshops with guest literary artists. Grade 10 students are prepared for the mandatory OSSLT Literacy Test through their English classes. Approximately 98% of Rosedale students pass the OSSLT. Creative writing courses are also offered through the English department. Please see the link for creative writing under Arts programs at Rosedale for more information.

Courses Offered at Rosedale:

  • ENG-1D Grade 9 English, Academic
  • ENG-1P Grade 9 English, Applied
  • ENG-2D Grade 10 English, Academic
  • ENG-2P Grade 10 English, Applied
  • ENG-3C Grade 11 English, College
  • ENG-3U Grade 11 English, University
  • ETC-3M Grade 11 Canadian Literature, University
  • ENG-4C Grade 12 English, College
  • ENG-4U Grade 12 English, University
  • ETS-4U Grade 12 English, Studies in Literature
  • EWC-4U Grade 12 English, Writer’s Craft

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