The Music Program at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts enhances student understanding and appreciation of music through the development of practical skills and creative work.  Students can extend their creative problem-solving skills, individual and cooperative work habits and knowledge of themselves and others.  They develop a sense of personal responsibility and connections to their communities, and explore future careers (from The Arts: The Ontario Curriculum).

Rosedale’s Music Department accomplishes these goals through strings, band, orchestra, vocal, guitar, musical theatre, and composition classes.  Each course provides opportunities for the exploration of a variety of music from different traditions, cultures and time periods.

Our students participate in Culminating Concerts (January and May), performances in our community (other schools, retirement homes, shared concerts with professional ensembles), coffee houses, and school functions (open house, commencement, PAC auction)

Our program provides a large variety of opportunities such as a spring music trip, professional recordings, guest musicians from professional ensembles and bands of note, and field trips.

The large varieties of music heard throughout our halls and the confidence that is discovered and encouraged, for both students continuing in postsecondary music study and those taking other paths, make The Rosedale Heights Music Program a unique opportunity in the city.

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