Our Arts Program

Students enrolling in Grade 9 are offered an arts-package that includes three credits from drama, visual or media arts, instrumental or vocal music, and dance. Grade 10 students take two credits in the same areas to further develop their interest in the arts. Courses at the senior levels include Printmaking, Media Design, Photography, Material Arts, and Extended Media, and Set Design. In addition students in the senior grades will choose to major in one Art area with a minor in another Art subject. For example a student could take a double credit in Dance (Ballet & Modern Jazz) and a minor in Visual Arts. It is recommended that this enriched “ARTS PROGRAM” be completed over a five year period.

Rosedale prides itself as a truly accessible and inclusive School of the Arts. To ensure that the school is inclusive of all cultures and socioeconomic groups, auditions are not required for admission. However students are required to provide an “ARTSĀ  PROFILE” and must have successfully completed grade 8 for acceptance in our programs. All students are expected to participate in all practices and rehearsals that may take place before school, at lunch and also after school, as required by their Arts Teacher.

Ongoing public performances and visual art displays provide students an opportunity to exhibit their talent. Dance performances, music, drama and visual arts displays are regularly combined at the school, drawing rave reviews from parents and the broader community. The music department field trips feature Rosedale students at such venues as jazz clubs in Chicago. Students also participate in music festivals in other cities such as New Orleans. Performances by students are recorded on CD’s and videotaped.

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