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The seven deadly sins have occupied Will’s house and head for as long as she can remember, influencing her decisions and plaguing her thoughts. When she finally has a chance to get rid of them for good, she must find it in herself to choose freedom over the life she has always known.

Content Warnings:  mature language, sexual content, staged violence, mature content

Directed by Joey Shan and Helen Ho
Stage Managed by Chloe Avakian

Starring Becca Hister, Holly Forgrave, Ricky Babcock, Tristan Meyer Odell, Autumn Davis, Joey Shan, Grace Perreault, Joel Latiff

Room 107
Tuesday 4PM, Thursday 8PM, Friday 5PM


The unusual death of Jamie Bernstein sparks questions about her peers, and the mystery is revealed as a pathologist performs her autopsy.

Content warnings: mature language, staged violence, mature content

Written by Grace Delaney
Directed by Katie Norman
Stage Managed by  Maddy Hertel

Starring Julia Carney, Gabby Lowen-Favreau, Asenia Lyall, Reilly MacTaggart, Lily Tureski, Paula Zavaleta

Room 110
Tuesday 8PM, Thursday 4PM, Friday 5PM


In this world, facing racism is something we often choose to ignore. There are more ways to display racism than just black and white. With real life events, stories, and movement, we show you how racism can be shown through physical theatre. You may not like it, but this is the world that we live in. This is Colour Coding.

Content warnings: Staged Violence

Directed by Joel Latiff and Christian Protogeros
Stage Managed by  Elizabeth Jarrett

Starring Sylphia Basak, Mia Valentin,  Joey Shan, Grace Dacol, Grace Delaney, Gabby Lowen-Favreau, Katerina Murphy, Genevieve Gough

Room 107
Wednesday 8PM, Thursday 5PM, Friday 6PM


In the midst of guerrilla warfare in Montevideo, Uruguay, one family has an opportunity to flee to safety in Canada. But with their eldest son missing, they must make an impossible decision–whether or not to leave him behind, and ask themselves: what would you do for family?

Content warnings: Mature Content, Mature Language

Written by Milena Rzepa Sztainbok
Directed by Kennedy Gleason
Stage Managed by  Aryana Rizvi

Starring Alex McMullen, Xavi Meza-Wong, Philip Pasquel De Lee, Maddie Booth

Room 117
Tuesday 7PM, Wednesday 8PM, Friday 4PM


When seemingly picture-perfect lovebird teens Daisy and Grayson bring their dysfunctional parents to dinner, secrets they would rather not have known shatter their innocence, and change the way they think about their families, and their relationships with each other, forever.

Content warnings: Mature content, mature language, sexual content

Written by Chloe Avakian and Langston Francis
Directed by Alex McMullan
Stage Managed by Robin Smith

Starring Jarrah Csunyoscka, Sam Hannan, Hanna O’Neill, Declan Hannan, Amelia Brown

Room 117
Tuesday 8PM, Wednesday 7PM, Friday 7PM


Suffering from a brain tumor, 9 year old sam has created imaginary friends to help her cope. Getting better might mean saying goodbye to them, but is Sam ready to let go?

Written by Grace Perreault and Tristan Meyer Odell
Directed by Gabriela Fay
Stage Managed by Julia Carney

Starring Rosy Hanna, Dominique Beaudry Wright, Milena Rzepa Sztainbok, Caleb Sandblom, Agatha Farrell, Alisa Stanley, Declan Hannan

Room 110
Wednesday 6PM, Thursday 7PM, Friday 8PM


Depressed and miserable Sam works in her family restaurant with her hyperactive best friend Issy. The two work in the back making fortune cookies. They discover that every fortune they create comes true. These bros soon wreak havoc upon their families and love lives.

Content warnings: Mature language, sexual content, mature content

Written by  Maddy Hertel
Directed by Gwen Renzetti
Stage Managed by Sylphia Basak

Starring Dominique Beaudry Wright, Ava Evreinov, Lucy Hister, Genevieve Richer

Room 117
Tuesday 5PM, Thursday 6PM, Friday 5PM


Lillian has been patient with her brother’s special needs, but envies other families. Now she is told she needs to sacrifice even more, and is starting to feel as though Thomas’ future is more important than hers.

Content warnings: Mature language

Written by  Amelia Brown
Directed by  Autumn Davis
Stage Managed by Lucy Hister
Assistant Stage Manager Sophie Gordan

Starring Erin Beesley, James Brown, Emma Pappas, Jarrah Csunyoscka, Robin Smith, Tristan Meyer Odell

Room 117
Wednesday 4PM, Thursday 7PM, Friday 6PM


In a bid to seek closure Milo reunites his childhood friends ten years after the death of their ring leader, and her brother, Sebastian. They fall in deep when stories and lingering sentiments are brought to light.

Content warnings: Mature Language, Mature Content, Staged Violence

Written by  Dominique Beaudry Wright
Directed by  Heather Coyne
Stage Managed by Milena Rzepa Sztainbok

Starring Rosy Hanna, Christian Protogeros, Mateu Villanueva Merali, Inti Nortiz-Reyes, Katarina Murphy

Room 117
Tuesday 6PM, Wednesday 5PM, Thursday 8PM


Laughter! Spontaneity! The great outdoors! Just Go With It is an improvised sitcom about the recurring adventures of a group of friends as they face the uncertainties of life; the trials and tribulations, the laughter and the tears. Each night is a new and never-seen-before episode in the thrilling saga that you don’t want to miss! They may not always know what’s next to come, but they do know one thing for certain: they’ll always have each other.

Directed by  Ricky Babcock
Stage Managed by Nicole Novak

Starring Ricky Babcock, Helen Ho, Asenia Lyall, Sydney DiBrina, Cole McDayter, Genevieve Richer, Jordan Knight

Room 110
Tuesday 7PM, Thursday 5PM, Friday 6PM


What is a monster? Is it something that lurks under your bed? The voices we hear, the people that hurt us, ourselves? It’s odd that we are so fascinated with the things that scare us, and yet they tend to draw us back in.

Content warnings: Mature Content, Sexual Violence & Content, Mature Language

Directed by  Lily Tureski and Ariana Volpe
Stage Managed by Sydney Waters

Starring Mateu Villanueva Merali, Owen Crawford Lem, Maddy Hertel, Reilly MacTaggart, Grace Perreault, Ravyn Taylor, Katie Norman, Amelia Brown

Room 107
Tuesday 7PM, Wednesday 6PM, Friday 8PM


Following the recent death of their mother, siblings Stern, Bow, and Yoke embark on a canoe trip to spread her ashes in the wilderness. Already at odds with one another, tensions boil over when the ashes go missing.

Content warnings: Coarse Language, Mature Subject Matter, Staged Violence

Written by Roxy Friedman-Marcus
Directed by Sam Elkas-Vance
Stage Managed by Genevieve Gough

Starring Jason Lodu, Kennedy Gleason, Molly Irving, Langston Francis, Grace Dacol

Wednesday 5PM, Thursday 8PM, Friday 7PM


Ten people, ten different coming out stories. An in depth look at what people are thinking and feeling as they come out of the closet to their friends and family.

Content warnings:  Mature language, Mature content, Sexual content, Staged violence

Directed by Alisa Stanley and Annabel Pearson
Stage Managed by Scotia Cox

Starring Cole McDayter, Mia Valentin, Sydney Waters, Sydney DiBrina, Owen Crawford Lem, Jordan Knight, Xaviera Meza-Wong, Agatha Farrell, Philip Pasquale De Lee, Ariana Volpe

Room 107
Tuesday 8PM, Wednesday 5PM, Thursday 4PM


Parker comes home to her family after a long trip to find that her sister Ripley has discovered her true identity: an alien from the planet Mitilini. While others have always had their suspicions that their Ripley might not be truly human, to Parker it is quite the surprise. Parker, Ripley,  and their two other siblings find their own ways of dealing with this truly strange new revelation, as well as discovering not only what it means to be an alien, but what it means to be a part of their family.

Content warnings:  coarse language, mature content

Written by River Wright
Directed by Lily Domingue
Stage Managed by  Roxy Friedman-Marcus

Starring Gabriela Fay, Sophie Gordan, Caleb Sandblom, Nicole Fawcett

Room 110
Tuesday 4PM, Wednesday 7PM, Friday 7PM


After robbing a bank, three ice cream truck drivers are put to the ultimate test when two mischievous teens find their way into their escape plan. Money, emotions and a little sprinkle of secrecy makes this journey the ultimate sugar rush

Content warnings:  Mature Language, Mature Content, Staged Violence

Written by Nicole Fawcett and Mia Valentin
Directed by  Ava Evreinov
Stage Managed by Becca Hister

Starring Jason Lodu, Roxy Friedman-Marcus, Heather Coyne, Paula Zavaleta, Sam Elkas-Vance

Room 117
Wednesday 6PM, Thursday 5PM, Friday 8PM


The Drowning Girls was inspired by the horrifyingly true case of the notorious murderer George Joseph Smith and his victims, the ‘Brides of the Bathtub’. We introduce to you Alice, Bessie and Margaret, as they lead you through their shortly lived marriages (pun intended) in a dramatic retelling that will keep you on the edge of your seat – and maybe even make you laugh when you least expect it.

Content warnings:  Staged Violence, Sexual & Mature Content

Written by Beth Graham, Daniela Vlaskalic and Charlie Tomlinson
Directed by  Hanna O’Neill
Stage Managed by Scotia Cox

Starring Inti Noritz-Reyes, Sam Hannan, Chloe Avakian

Room 107
Tuesday 5PM, Thursday 7PM, Friday 4PM


An eccentric, hopeless romantic. Her overworked wife. The personification of Death itself. A grandma. How far will Fabian go to seduce the Grim Reaper? Will her wife figure out what’s happening before it’s too late? Will the Grim Reaper ever actually get to finish his goddamn paperwork? Will poor Meemaw ever get a visit from her granddaughter?

Content warnings:  Mature Language, Mature Content

Written by Aryana Rizvi and Logan Munck
Directed by  Seiji Williams
Stage Managed by  Nicole Fawcett

Starring River Wright, Holly Forgrave, Lily Domingue, Annabel Pearson

Room 110
Tuesday 6PM, Wednesday 4PM, Thursday 6PM

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