RHSA’s Science Department offers a rigorous, exciting and engaging academic program. Our students are given ample opportunities to thrive and excel in the Sciences through a variety of engaging hands-on inquiry based learning activities.  All classes are equipped with Smartboard technology and students have access to computers to assist with delivering interactive lab simulations.

To encourage active parental involvement and student commitment to their learning experience; we offer online resources for all courses.  Students have access to weekly announcements, unit outlines, lessons, assignments, labs, and review packages.

Our teachers take pride in offering students a challenging and rewarding experience that allows them to interact not only with their peers within the classroom but with other students and professionals within the surrounding community.  As students progress through their science program here at RHSA they will acquire experiences from Brickworks, TIFF, U of T Physics Department, Ontario Science Centre, the ROM & York University outreach to name only a few.

Our program prepares our students to compete among the best in Ontario as they graduate and head off to Post Secondary Education.

The Science Department’s goal is develop students who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to critical analyze and solve problems facing the 21st century.  We hope to inspire socially conscience individuals who are good stewards of the world and its resources.

Courses offered at RHSA are:

  • SNC1P      Grade 9 Science Applied
  • SNC1D     Grade 9 Science Academic
  • SNC2P     Grade 10 Science Applied
  • SNC2D    Grade 10 Science Academic
  • SBI3C      Grade 11 College Biology
  • SVN3M  Grade 11 Environmental Science
  • SBI3U     Grade 11 University Biology
  • SCH3U   Grade 11 University Chemistry
  • SPH3U   Grade 11 University Physics
  • SBI4U    Grade 12 University Biology
  • SCH4U  Grade 12 University Chemistry
  • SPH4U  Grade 12 University Physics


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