Twelfth Night

It’s the early 1980s. For several years, Disco has reigned supreme as the style, the music, the fashion, the attitude, for anyone who’s anybody in Illyria. Club Orsino is the hottest place to be, with its glamorous decor and state-of-the-art sound system run by the incomparable in-house DJ Feste. If music is indeed the food of love, then love is four-on-the-floor and a syncopated bass line. If only Orsino could capture his elusive Queen, the Disco King’s life would be complete.

But she’s not interested. Her home (frequently featured in Architectural Digest) is austere, elegant and as cool and restrained as the woman who owns it, although her hidden passionate nature is perfectly expressed in the acres of perfectly-tended formal gardens in which she spends so much of her time.

But wait. The winds of change are blowing, and a recent storm has brought that change to Illyria’s shores. Enter Viola and Sebastian, a couple of very appealing twins (who’s the boy? Who’s the girl? Who cares?) embodying the androgynous, super-cool  New Wave of the 80s.

Will Illyria ever be the same?

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