Taste of Black History

This Thursday, February 25, 2016 RHSA will be hosting Taste of Black History. The event happened last year and was such a success! We hope this time around it will do even better.

Taste of Black History is a celebration of Caribbean food in the form of a mini food festival. The menu features foods ranging from Jerk chicken to Saltfish (and many delicious dishes in between)! The DD program and Mr. Morgan cook and serve all of the food for this amazing event.

Ms. B, a teacher for the DD classes, says “Canada is a diverse country, and people of all cultures enjoy Caribbean food. I also believe cultures should be celebrated and appreciated. There’s no better way of bringing people together than food!”. Taste of Black History helps the DD students advance their culinary skills for life. Ms. B also believes that this event is very important and should continue on in the future.

Purchase your ticket in advance for this Thursday, so you can guarantee a plate at Taste of Black History! Click the picture below to see a full menu.

Taste of Black History

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